a warm welcome…

To my happy place, from my kitchen to yours. Here, you’ll see everything from familiar home bakes like brownies and cookies to delicate confectioneries and celebratory cakes. Food is a reason for gathering, and I’m glad that you’ve joined me here!

: )

fresh fruits & cream

Asian bakery-style cakes are remarkably light and delicate; in place of buttercream and sponge that you’ll find in American cakes, these have soft whipped cream and chiffon. I personally love both styles (all cakes are created equal!) but some prefer one over the other.

COOKIE GIFTS for the most wonderful time of year

watching doughs rise with the sun

The beauty of working opening shifts at the bakery is getting to watch the sun rise as you bake. Not gonna lie, the hours were brutal but the moment I cracked open the ovens and started seeing and smelling trays of fresh pastries, I’m reminded of why I call this my happy place.

pretty in pink

Making bakes look beautiful is as much a part of the fun as the baking itself, and makes an occasion all the more special!


with a side of coffee or tea

Desserts aren’t always centerpieces – some of the most delicious treats I can think of are best served alongside a morning coffee or afternoon tea. Or morning tea and afternoon coffee?

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